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How do I register a .ie domain name?

  • Firstly, check if your domain name is available by clicking on Buy above and then <GO>. Our system will let will tell you if the domain name is taken. If available, then you proceed to apply for the domain name you have chosen.
  • The IE Domain Registry (IEDR) controls all .ie domain name registrations. The IEDR is the body that has exclusive control over .ie domain names. Any application you make must comply with its rules and regulations.
  • As .ie domain names are intended mainly for businesses operating within Ireland and companies trading with Ireland, you will be required to submit documentation to accompany your application. It can be as simple as forwarding us your company number or your registered business name.
  • Businesses outside of Ireland will be asked to provide proof of trade with Ireland as well as a claim to the domain. This documentation should be forwarded in writing to IE Internet once your application has been made.
  • The IEDR will then review your application and either allow you to register the domain name, or reject your claim to it.
  • IE Internet Hostmasters are highly experienced in all the technicalities and regulations involved. They can advise you on the domain name best suited to your claim and on the documents you need to support your registration claim.